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Odium Fades

The cosmopolitan prospect slain by an ice sheathe
Cursing the cold as it dwells just beneath
Craving the Winter’s eventual retreat
Whilst laying in its helpless silent defeat

Sunlight softly skimming the ever dangling prisms
Yet still foreshadowing the fated cataclysms
Beauty be seen, our cages be not
Our dreams still run, unable to be caught

A cracked hindrance for every step taken,
allowing the Earth to breathe.
Though as the above continues to seethe,
it is still forsaken.

Crystal cages blinding the already eyeless
Putting every shade of truth behind us
Words frozen much like the landscape
Confined, not allowed to escape

Open your eyes past the frost
Before your vision becomes long lost
Tainted be the sparkling wonder
A sight to be seen to tear your reality asunder

The roads slip and slide,
like the tongues of power.
Joyous days turned sour,
as the cover ups subside

Grown fond of the cave you have dwelled within
While you finally step out of your weary skin
Finally able to see this tunnel’s teeth
The diamonds that once formed a magnificent wreath

The life once lived destroyed by a parallel falsehood
An innocent existence of marvels that you once understood
But in time you will forget of the pain you have felt
Because the lies must end, just as the ice must melt

Inside a Harbor Where Our Thoughts Are Like Ships, Anchored Down With No Hope of Ever Being Set Free.

Let's all jump in the harbor,
And hit the water at the same time.
Try to break the anchor lines
Tying all the ships down,
So the water will pour out,
And we'll be left with a useless dam.

Maybe if you can hold back
The froth swirling back and forth,
Between gaping holes,
You can stop, and listen, and grow.
But everytime they kiss it sounds like
White noise.
White noise.
Static snow falls with a peculiar grace,
And why is it that we have to find art in everything?
For once can't we say it like it really is:
A forged attempt at being something special,
Capsulizing feeling.
Last edited by Retribution at Jan 21, 2007,