don't know if this is the right place but i'm very interested in buying a banjo as i like appalacian bluegrass music. i have been playin guitar for 4 years but i have no idea about banjos. Can anybody recommend a good brand between 100 and 300 dollars? the only thing standing in my way is my dad. he's convinced it's a brainless hick instrument and won't let me get one, even though im paying for it myself. any advice?
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Dunno about a good one to buy. But just go and buy it and then once you have it your dad can't do anything about it.

To be completely honest, i don't think your dad appreciates music much. And probably doesn't have much of an idea about Banjos cept for what you see on movies. Otherwise i don't think he would care about you getting one.
Maybe tell him to listen to some john butler trio, some of the songs they use a banjo and its pretty awesome
show him some bela fleck and then see if he thinks it's an unsophisticated instrument

either way decent banjos don't come cheap
Don’t know much about them. My cousin play one and I know it wasn’t cheap...and as for you dad I think is just plan ignorant for think the Banjo is "brainless hick instrument" No offence But if you buying it yourself with your money there’s not much he can do to stop you aside from taking you to get it and for that you always got a mom.
Maybe check out an Epiphone banjo?
I dunno that much about Banjos but a mate of mine wants one and we were looking at them on the net. Later this month when i get home we are going on a music shopping spree (meaning we will spend maybe $100 on random stuff and just look at and play everything else). I'm looking at buying an Epiphone Mandolin. Epiphone tend to make really good guitars, just not sure about other stuff, but we shall see.