yeah i just got the hang of sweep picking but dont really know any songs that have any. so anyone know of any?
bleeding mascara by atreyu
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basically any A7X songs, ones like seize the day and bat country
also have a try at canon rock by jerry c
Also try Buckethead's solo work.
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Try Malmsteens.... Some of his sweep shapes are insane.... Blitzkreig and Appeggio's from hell are good examples....
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Most Children of Bodom songs have sweeps in them, some of the better ones (IMHO) are Silent Night Bodom Night and Children of Bodom (yes it is a song as well). Failing that:

Bleeding Mascara (Atreyu)
Anthem (We Are The Fire) / Pull Harder On The Strings of Your Martyr (Trivium)
In The Fire (Roadrunner United) ((I think))
The Light That Blinds (Shadows Fall)
Thunder Horse (Dethklok)

Sorry for the closed-minded musical taste, but hope it helps.