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hey guys

my band and a couple other bands have been thinking about renting out a venue and putting a show on ourselves, probably a bar.

obviously prices will varry with the venue but can somone tell me what kind of price i can expect to rent it for a night?

thanks much
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With "renting" a bar, why wouldn't you just negotiate with the bar owner to have you play there and have bands "open" for you? You can probably say something like this "How about a $5 cover which we keep, and you guys take all of the drink money with a 2 drink minimum for each guest".. variations could include you split the door with them. Don't just say rent the hall and don't charge a cover. Why would you pay to play somewhere?

I've also seen people rent out things like a Knights of Colombus/VFW hall, fire halls, churchs, etc. I once called a place that was notourius for THE venue to have rock shows for young bands and they told me that they no longer rent it for "rock"shows unless you hire 2 ARMED security guards at $40/hr! wtf... he also told me the rent for the hall itself was $50/hr.. which wasn't too bad.

I think that a firehall or other civic place (Elks/Moose/VFW/Rotary/Lions/Kiwanas/KOC/ Free Masons, etc.) will probbaly charge in between $50 and $75 an hour. Probably higher if you are in the city. You can also talk to some local churchs if any of your band members are active in the youth program. They will most likely let you rent it for free and then you can tell them you wil make a donation to the church from the money because that's what churchs are built for. I've seen bands play in the main church hall as well as a little "lounge room" that had a projection screen and CHEAP sodas (this machine was from the early 80s and still charging 25 cents for cans of Cola!) My only problem with church shows is... even if it's a Non-christian music show... some of the organizers/chapharons at these events still feel the need to mention Jesus a few times.

I was once in a band at one of these shows (only 1 out of about 8 bands at this show were considered Christian music).. the main adult there asked for all the band members to meet in the back room so we could discuss the line up order and the rules for the show. The first thing he said was "let us pray...." .. I was very offended by this and was about to pull my band out of the show right then and tell them why. Some of my band members talked me out of it though.

Okay, those last few paragraphs were a little opinionated.. but you get the idea!
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Firehalls might be more of an iffy place to play, as most fire companies don't rent the building out for fear of shit getting broken, stolen, damaged, etc. (believe me, it happens. I'm in a fire company, and that's really the main reason for them not letting bands rent the place out for rock shows), unless they have a large enough parking lot and plenty of lighting. Mine does, and that's probably the only way they'd let you play there.

Bars, catering halls, or random places with big parking lots and plenty of lighting would be your best bet. A park might be the best place, but the local/county park police might give you too much of a hassle to make it worth your while. If you go with a park, the town's fire company might be willing to provide the lighting for the event, and the courteous thing to do would be to give them a donation from some of your profit from the event. Even $50-$60 would be adequate.
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