Ever notice how he never used a whammy bar? Do you guys think he didn't because he never wanted to just wank off or what?
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Probably thought it was a cute toy for kids with guitars.
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Probably thought it was a cute toy for kids with guitars.

Kerry King, hah
There are quite a few Chuck's, so I'm just gonna assume we're talking about Shuldiner.
And meh, he sounded amazing as is. No need for one.

Edit: It wouldn't really suit Death, actually. [IMO]
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i think if he used one once inna while it sound brilliant,but he didn't really need one
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He used a whammy bar for solos on Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy, but than he stopped as his playing progressed.
I don't see a whammy bar fitting in anywhere in Deaths music, but that's a dumb question anyways. That's like asking Kerry King why he DOES use a whammy bar...

...personal preferences > you
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
His second guitarist on the early records used whammy bars a lot. You must not listen to the first three albums much, because it is a main part of some of the solos.
ya rick rozz used it a bit, james murphy does here and there
and theres a death thread around
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