Does anyone remember those things? Do they still make them? I haven't seen them in stores in a while.
I don't know but they were good. I want one now
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Yeah man heres what happens, you get older and you stop watching disney or nickalodeon and thats where all the toaster stroodle comericals are (my drummer is 11 we do some hard core nickalodeon watching)
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Arrrgh! The agony! Bring me a virgin and a cup of Devil's brew!

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I ate two of them for breakfast, what happened to the rest is a mystery to me...
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duarte, you're a jerk.

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Hmm...a fugly, bimbo, blonde, rich, boring, mooching, waste of blood and organs, d*ck munching, talentless, sponging c*nt in prison?

One down...
ive got some in my freezer
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