This was done quite some time ago. It's pretty cheesy and corny. hehe.. Do bear with the shitty metronome beat.Criticisms are most welcome. Oh! and if you want me to drop in a line or two about your songs/compostions, post the link , would you?

Shit! almost forgot -- http://www.soundclick.com/anish

it's the one at the bottom.
I'm glad you post your improv's and jam sessions. I've said this before, but one of the things I love about this site, is that it's not just about bands going pro with studio recordings. It's about musicians showing their love for music in their practices, jam sessions, and improv's. Thanks for sharing, and I did think it was pretty cool. To me, it has more artistic value than any of the cover songs you did.
Thanks for the comment. Really appreciate it. playing this was fun even though there's nothing much to this song.