Hi guys!


This is a demo I recorded with my band, Trash Kittens.

The song is called Kitten without a home, and it was recorded in a professional pro tools studio. I produced it, and mixed an alternate version with some help from my good friend Mick Lord.

Unfortunately the singer couldn't make it, so like so many other Trash Kittens demos it is cursed with the vocals of myself (and the lack of a pop shield)

We also set up a MIDI drum loop since we don't have a drummer yet.

Tell me what you think.

If you would like me to critique one of your pieces stick a link in your post.

Cheers, Mat.
I was wondering how you were doing with this, nice to hear the progress you've made during your ban. And Kitten Without A Home is f*cking excellent, that's my favorite chord progression.
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i love your band name. Your song definetely reminds me of the eighties. I liked it it makes me want to get up and dance.
I'm definately seeing the glitter lol.

What I will say is that some of the lower vocals were hard to make out, but the song itself is ace, nice beat, good guitar playing, definately suits the band name and the song era.

In fact, it's going on my mp3 player. Hooray!
^ awesome!

I figure I'm gonna have to get Ditchy T to sing it, I'm not a very good vocalist.

Cheers for the response guys!

It looks like there's hope for King Skull**** yet!
i liked it especially the solo thing that was pretty interesting

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^ reviewed

Right, I got myself a compressor plug-in to balance the bass vocals, which means that it should be a bit improved.

Rock and roll!
i love it
very catchy
im probably gonna have it stuck in my head now
recording sounded great
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