Hey... Im thinking of buying an Epiphone Archtop, such as dot, sheraton, or casino.

I like the Dot's sound, but... I dont know, I think it would be better a sheraton or a casino.

The Sheraton when I first played it on a store, I found the sound very bluesy and jazzy, though it was similar to the dot's sound... but almost everyone in every thread and forum love the sheraton, so I think I must play it again...

And finally the Casino,actually I never played one, but I will someday to compare... but I think Im gonna love it since the Beatles played this guitars, and I read many times that the feedback is horrible

I like playing mostly Beatles, The Who, Oasis, KOL, The Strokes and Libertines..
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The Epiphone semi-hollows are unbelievably good, I played the Casino at guitar center amd almost creamed myself. As for feedback you can expect it from semi hollows. They're all good though so pick the one you like best, you can't really go wrong with either of those three.
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it would be a good choice if i buy the dot and afterwards change the pickups (i mean would it sound good..) for some P-94? or 57? or both hehe..
the casino is a full hollowbody so it makes more feedback than the sheraton and the dot, but Im afraid of that if i choose the casino
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is there a big difference in the sound of the sheraton and the dot?? if someone has the sheraton and can uppload a song or some sounds of it, it would be great and I woul realy aprecciated hehe