Hey guys; I just recently recorded three new songs, two acoustic and one electric, which is a variation of one of the acoustic songs;


They don't have any lyrics, though I (obviously) wanted an opinion and some constructive criticism on them;

I've played for three years, am using a Fender Squier on the acoustic songs and an Ibanez grx-20 on the electric songs; The lead parts for FoundElectric are mostly improvised, and I do goof up a little, but these are only the first/second/third takes of the songs; Mainly what I wanted to know was which of the two you liked more, Found or FoundElectric...Anyway Thanks guys,

Keep rockin'


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Hey man I listened to all your songs! Great tone!

Found Electric: The main riff was very intresting, I liked thestart and stop guitar parts. very nice. My only complaint for this one would be during the solo at around 2:30, some of the notes didn't collaborate. Other than that I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Found: I actually enjoyed the acoustic version more, it just seems like it belongs in the acoustic form. The acoustic solos were nice as well.
Searching: Verrryyyy nice. Probably my favorite from your myspace. Simple yet it gives off a very serene feel. props.
Improv: hahaha D3thM3T4LHax0r probably my least favorite, but then again, it is improv, and in that case, I heard some pretty cool stuff in there, but a lot of it was a little sloppy. No worries, I can't really talk hahaha.
Very good for only 2 and a half years, I remember when I was 15, it was a whole different guitar world.
Enjoyed your stuff,
Crit mine?
i really liked the found acoustic the most the electric just doesnt sound as good and my all time favorite that i listen to over and over was seaching CRIT ME
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Hey dude your like a steve vai (NO KIDDING) really liked the electric version, but the acoustic! DUDE great stuff! you got great potential man. keep it up
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Good for you, FoF! I agree, Found is better as an accoustic. Searching is like buttuh on the ears.

Uh, one title is called "Searching", and the other is called "Found"... will there be another song coming out called "Lost Again"?

I will definitely crit you, do not worry!


Thanks for the legendary comparison :-) That made my evening ^_^


Hehe, there probably will be! I just called on "Searching" and then I was just like "heheh, that'd be funny if I called this one "Found"...so I did; right now I'm collaborating w/ a dude on here so there may actually be a lost again :-)
Searhing: I love this one. A beautiful peace. Like tone too!
Found: I like the beginning of this song. Reminds me of Led Zeppelin. The lead parts were kind of cool too. The ending was also nice.
Foundelectric: The beginning was ok. You should work on your timing! Didn't like the lead parts that much. Too many off-bends and many of the notes didn't fit in.

So, as you may have figured out, Found was way better than Foundelectric.
(But that is just my opinion )
Well since not many people have told you what to improve on, here I go.

FoundElectric- Sloppy in the beginning, timing is a bit off. As it progresses and the lead comes in, it cleans up a bit. Lead part has a lot of notes out key.

Found- The acoustic version is much better, still a few notes out of key, but still respectable none the less.

Searching- This COULD be your best song. The intro is a bit long, needs to be a bit shorter, or be changed. Just try and add some for diversity in your songs. Change it up a little to keep people interested.

Nice stuff Overall, Peace!!!
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Yeah, everyone likes Searching and Found Acoustic, which I'd have to agree; I had a lot of heavier stuff up on my myspace, more steve vai style songs(not necessarily in skill but in style of song) As for FoundElectric it was really just me screwing around, following the C Shape Arpeggio up on the 12th fret; I should play it in the Key of C way down on the 8th fret, and for a bit I do, which is towards the end when it cleans up;


FoundElectric was pretty sloppy, but as I said it was only the first or second take it was nearly all improv, I'll definitely go back and clean it up b/c I think that I brought the lead in a little too early...The Acoustic Version of Found was the first one that I wrote, and then when I got my computer back I added in the lead part which I liked so I kept...And then Searching does have a really long intro, I'll shorten it up the best I can; As for the need for more diversity, I had a lot of other heavier stuff on my myspace, more structured/styled like steve vai...not necessarily in skill, but similar TYPE of song;

Thanks for the Crits guys, I'll take all of this in and correct the songs where suggested;


P.S. Any more crits would be great;
Well sounds like you know what you wana do and your not short of good ideas, only thing is you need to spend some time working on your technical ability on the electric sort out the unwanted noise.. work on picking dynamics that sorta thing.

Yeah, I did notice that there was a lot of noise on the electric Found; I really did goof up on the Electric Found, the lead comes in too early and it's off time in certain parts and out of key, but it was sort of a rough idea and it was like 3rd or 2nd take and improv'd so I sort of knew what I wanted, but wasn't too sure where to head so it just sort of goes everywhere!
Acoustic Found is the one i listened to it. The intro/main riff idea was awesome and had a huge amount of potential. I dont usually like instrumentals but this was really lush. Just watch out for that lead coming in- tuning and it just slipped out of time (especially the second motif). Other than that it was pretty lush.

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Well done man, add vocals.
Thanks dude, I understand the lack in vocals is a little agitating, but I'm not much of a singer, though I've never really tried that much so yeah; But I did notice that the lead is slightly out of tune, what it is is that I go to the lower strings and it sounds a little weird, as it's tough to hit the 12th fret when your acoustic isn't a cutaway; Thanks for the critique dude! Any more are welcome, plus I put up another song, see it here:

Listened to "SearchingNew"

Well, I'm listening to this through crappy speakers, but the acoustic guitar tone sounds sharp and crisp. I do think you should pan one of the tracks to the side though, either the lead or the rhythm. You kinda lose the lead guitar when the louder strumming comes in, so turn that up or pan the guitars.

Lead guitar sounds pretty cool, but the licks are played a little too staccato. I know that it's hard to play a smooth lead with an acoustic. I suggest using a clean electric guitar for the lead, to add more texture/vibrato and help distiguish it from the rhythm.

Cool little piece, man.

Yeah, I do lose the sound of the guitar...I'll try and work something out in Audacity, just copy it and paste it to a new track and make it a little bit louder; I should probably get a better recording program that'll let me do that kinda stuff a lot easier; Thanks for the opinion on the lead, I worked pretty hard to get it to work with the song, cuz originally it was just the rythm and everyone was telling me that I should pick up the song, but I couldn't really get anything to work, so I threw in that lead...Anyway, thanks for the Crit man!

Anymore crits would be great!
You've definitely got some good stuff here. I believe I complimented Pain in another thread. I like that one after the beginning.

I was pleased while listening to your other songs as well. I really liked searching, though I suppose I'm kind of biased; I really like that type of music. The one thing I can complain about is a slight sloppiness in some parts of the song, but I'm sure you would have no trouble fixing that; you seem like a skilled guitarist. Really enjoyed this one, nice job.

Listening to Found now; a kind of folksy beginning, which I like. There's really not much to complain about in this song. It's very well put together. One thing you could add is an electric guitar in the back with a very cool tone. Not to do anything terribly fancy, but simply to back you up with a well placed note or riff; this song is a tad repetitive.

Listening to February Solo now; meh, I can't say I'm a huge fan of this, at the beginning at least. It seems to work itself out at around two minutes; before that, I heard a lot of stuff that kind of seemed all over the place. Also, as I mentioned in my critique of Pain, it needs a fuller ending. It kind of feels like the song just deserts you.

You also mentioned you weren't a singer. I respect you for being able to make music that can keep me listening. Sometimes and instrumental is the best way to communicate a message. Great job, dude. These are really good. Thanks, also, for critiquing mine.
Yeah, February Solo was pretty garbage-ish, and I admit that, but it wasn't really something that I wanted to write, I just did it cuz I had to :-)

As for found being repetitive, that's why it's only 2:30 :-)

And Searching wasn't really "meant" to have a lead, it was just something I threw together after I started playing my acoustic again, so it does get a little sloppy at parts so I'm either going to do it again or I'm just gonna chop it up a bit and keep what I like and toss what I don't

that was a pretty in depth crit man, more than I expected, thanks!