I got my very first guitar and a Fender Brand X 15w reverb amp with it today and I have 30 days to exchange it, and I would like to know if it's a decent amp for a beginner or if I'm getting ripped off. I never heard of that brand, and on Fender's website, there's nothing abound Brand X amps.

I bought it 139.99 CAD.
I've never heard of Fender X Brand before, but if it's a first amp and you think it sounds good then I guess keep it. My first amp was an included practice amp with a Squier strat, I kept that thing for maybe a year or so, it's not like I played for anyone but myself. But yeah, it's just preference.
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If you look on the 'other brands' link on Fender's website, you'll see Brand X. I've never heard them, but they seem kinda like a cheap beginner's amp that you'll get tired of soon.
Yea I own it, it was the first amp i bought before i really knew much about electric guitar, it really isn't very good
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You can get a Roland Cube for the same price and its pretty nice. I played one at GC.
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The store where I bought my guitar didn't have any Roland, but he told me he'd get a few next month but I'm pretty sure Roland is more expansive.