I know playing a bass through a guitar amp will damage it, but can you hurt a bass amp by playing guitar through it? Someone told me it would break the bass amp but I also heard that Josh Homme from Kyuss always played through a bass amp. Can someone please clear this up for me? I would hate to damage my bass amp!
i think you can damage it for the same reasons you can damage a guitar amp by playing bass through it - designed for different range of frequencies
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No man its ok!guitar amps break down because they lack low frequencies....Bass amps just ignore that..
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Yeah, guitar through a bass amp is not uncommon. The Fender Bassman was designed as a bass amp, but actually became a really popular guitar amp.
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I know guitars sound beautiful played clean through a bass amp, especially an acoustic or hollowbody, but I have never tried it distorted... dont know how good that would sound.
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Thanks, that's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure since I love my bass amp.
I guess ive been proven wrong =D - glad I said 'I think'
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yep u can. just dont do it the other way around.
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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein always has played through a bass amp to get that really bassy tone. Ive done it before and even though about converting to one but decided against it.
You can use a bass amp with a guitar - it won't damage the amp. Guitar amps can't handle the low frequencies of a bass, but bass amps are solid enough to take guitar just fine.

Just remember that it might not produce the sound you want. It actually sounds great with very low-tuned guitars, though.
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It's not too bad, becasue there's a big overlap in the frequencies the amps are designed to handle. If you think about it, a bass amp could have anything up to a 6 string bass through it, and guitars now often go as low as C, so whilst the upper frequency response may not be as good there's a big chunk that'll be fine. Don't do it the other way round though, as a guitar amp speaker can't cope with the lows a bass puts out.
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Of course you can, as a matter of fact, i've always wanted to add a bass amp in with my guitar amp. Adam Jones of tool uses a bass amp (marshall i believe) with his 2 other guitar amps to give him that really deep rich sound. Its pretty wicked, when he palm mutes it sounds like a freight train. Just listen to the intro of cold and ugly live (opite ep).