My band is looking for a singer. We play cover songs, but a couple originals may get thrown in the mix. If you play guitar that is even better, but not required. If interested, let me know. 21 and older only please.
I may be interested. I am a 21 year old been playing guitar for about 3 years have a little gigging expierence when a buddy and I played at a bar in college where we used to both play guitars and take turns singing. I live in Livonia and work in Taylor. I like all sorts of music ranging from modern rock, classic rock, pop rock, to country. Not very interested in metal though. I am looking for some guys to jam with and maybe play live as a hobby. I have a good job and music is a hobby not a career for me. I really don't know how good of a singer I am but as prevouisly said do have some expierence doing it. I mostly interested in doing covers but would deffinetly intereseted in writing orginals. Right now my equpiment is limited consisting of a Vox valvetronix 50 watt amp, epiphone les paul and an alvarez acoustic. I do have a couple mics but they aren't very good and I don't have anything to play them out of. Send some info on the band like the names of bands you cover, age and expierence level of the musicians and maybe we can work something out. my email is pjbarton@mtu.edu