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I usually tune my guitar half down ...to suite my vocal range....but use the same chord shapes as in starndard tuning...is this like ...the wrong way to play since the tuning is different? it sounds fine to me ...
As long as you know you're a half step down, you're fine. Hell, SRV played a step down all the time. Just remember that when you play with other people, have them tune down, or you tune up. Or you guys can just adjust.
It suited Hendrix and SRV fine.

EDIT: If you tune all the strings down an even amount of steps, then you should be able to use the same chord shapes, you'll just have to remember to compensate and move the chords up a fret.
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ok ...but did SRV use the same chord shapes ?

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you can use the same chord shapes, it just wont be the same chord.
if you play what is an EMaj in standard, then tune down a half step,
then it'll be and EbMaj so
It's the exact same chord shapes. They just sound a half step lower.
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No it isnt wrong to play like that. GNR always played half step down. I don't think theyre wrong.


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You can use the same shapes, but they won't be the same chords.
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It's fine to play this way and many artists play in flat tuning for most of their careers.

In standard tuning if you play an E major chord, the exact same chord will be Eb major if you tune down. You should only really have troubles when playing with people who play in standard (you could throw a capo on first fret and play normally and you'd be in standard) or when playing along to song(s) that are in standard tuning etc.

I personally think I need to play with a capo on anywhere between the second and fourth frets to suit my voice properly...blasted voice.
Guns N' Roses do that all the time.

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