well, a REALLY long time ago i posted a thread here about building my own custom guitar, well i finally followed through with it, and it came out AMAZING.

its got:
planet waves locking tuners
original floyd rose
swamp ash body finished with transparent dark blue
birds eye maple neck, finished with satin clear
seymour duncan distortion trembucker (bridge pickup)
seymour duncan cool rails pickups(neck and middle)
planet waves gold plated multiple contact jack.
schaller strap locks
skull and bones fret inlays
all the hardware is black

i'll get you guys some pictures as soon as i find my camera
Can't wait to see it, what's the finish like?
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Sounds awesome.
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the finish came out outstanding, the grain of the wood really looks nice with that color. im estimating it cost anywhere between 1400 and 2000, just the body and neck cost about 1200, that includes paint too. i didnt pay for all of this my self, it was a mixture of christmas presents and stuff i bought
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So I'm guessing you just put it together?
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Custom Build
i wired it, assembled it, set it up, etc. i was gonna paint it as i do collision repair, but i wasnt gonig to mess around with spraying wood
Very well done!

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Very nice. But, ummm... Is there a reason why you have locking tuners AND a locking nut???
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Very nice. But, ummm... Is there a reason why you have locking tuners AND a locking nut???

So when the nut is open,the strings wont go out of tune while tuning up,I guess.

Very good.

How does that trembucker sounds?
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that is really cool looking, i'm not a big fan of the body type but the inlays and neck
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Very nice. But, ummm... Is there a reason why you have locking tuners AND a locking nut???

well, i originally was debating on actually following through with the floyd rose, a i like the auto trim part of the machines too, speeds up the long process of stringing a floyd rose a little bit

the trembucker sounds amazing, i really like it
It looks alright, I guess. At least it's unique.

I don't really like the wood grain, and the color could be a shade darker for me. The headstock is a bit plain... and the inlay isn't my style...

Yeah, I'm glad it's yours, have fun with it, it certainly is a one-of-a-kind!
kick ass guitar
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