well, this threadt really has no purpose, just basically me complaining...

i recently got kiced out of my band because i aparently f*cked up their "Stage presence" and it was hard to get me to practice. well it was hard to get me to practice because they would plan the practices like the day of, which would never work for me and i robably f*cked up their stage presence because i was never able to make it to any practices....
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what do you mean messed up their stage presence?

thats an exact quote of what they said, i think theyre refering to when i played the intro to one of our songs backwards. other than that i really have no idea what they meant
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im lookin

get someone from a fair distance away to pretend they are in a band and want them to support their band at a big gig. gig doesnt exist.
pft...way to go and f*ck up their stage presence
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good work The_Shredder

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Pfft. Good one, artard.

Just go find a new band, a better one, they challenge them in Battle of the Bands.
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Pfft. Good one, artard.

Just go find a new band, a better one, they challenge them in Battle of the Bands.

that insult makes me laugh so much.
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Get all your friends to go to their gig and boo them off the stage.

Very immature, but it'll make you feel better.

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Start a new even better band and take over the world


So? You fucked up and got thrown out. What do you want, pats on your back and "don't worry hunbun, they're just some meanies"?
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Ever get kicked out because they fear your charisma? XD They do that because they fear you and is trying to stop what is inevitable
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what do you mean messed up their stage presence?

Sounds like a way of telling him he's too ugly for the band.
hey if they dont like you, **** em. think like me: im the best. im me. im an original. if you dont like you can **** off. thats the way i think. you should think like this
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and the original poster must be the bassist

^haha i would sooo roflcoptr if that was true
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what do you mean messed up their stage presence?

Nice way of saying he was the ugly one in the band.

Get a new band. Seriously, it's not the end of the world.
At least you werent humiliated..I once kicked a guitarist from my band by saying on radio(!!) "The band members are blah blah blah...And we also like to thank Stelios,for helping us out with this live"...Man,it was SOOO ****in awful from me...!But he was a pain in the ass..I mean,he was frustrating cause in rehershals,after playing a song and stopping a bit to discuss what should be kept and what not,he started playing those insane solos(pretty good,but off topic nevertheless) and it was ball-busting...If you also did that,I would come over there and kick you myself...But otherwise they shouldnt do that...Our drummer is like THE most stupid drummer in the world (really good double-kicks though) and I could never kick him,cause its not his fault..Its Mother Natures.....
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erm yeah shouldnt this be in the bandleading forum *reported* lol nah not really but yeah
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