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5 9%
7 12%
16 28%
13 22%
1 2%
0 0%
5 9%
Whenever I Can Get Some
10 17%
Voters: 58.
What do you think is the appropriate age to lose your viriginity?

i think 18, what do you all think?
in the words of chef... "17"
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.
Whenever you feel your ready.
I think you should be at LEAST in high school.
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For some people, never.
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Chef says "17"
Kyles mom "Or whenever they fell ready"
chefs responce "Nope. 17 is the perfect age."
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damn, i voted the wrong thing
I voted 15 but that was before i saw "Whenever I Can Get Some"
Goddamn this system!
Gooby Pls.
The youngest parents were 8 and 9 years old and lived in China during the 1920's.

8 or 9 sounds about right to me.
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I lost mine at 14, but I would say 18-21
Quote by Zeppfreak170
I onece dumped a girl that I was seeing who already had a boyfriend... So anyway she put on like a stone and i dumped her telling her it was because i felt really guilty etc etc.

But really it's cos she got fat!

No fat chicks !
I voted whenever I can get some, but in general, high school. Middle schoolers having sex is gross...
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