I'm selling this Fender Stage 100 amp because I'm in college now and have no use for such a powerful amp. It's in good condition and I only used it half a dozen times for gigging a few years ago. The rest of the time it has stayed in my smoke free room. I'm looking to sell it for $275. If you have any questions let me know.
Brief Specs
100 Watt Solidstate Amplifier
G12T 1x12 Celestion Speaker
Clean, Drive, More Drive Channels
Includes Foot switch, and free cable

My Gear
Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Duncan SH-6 in bridge)
Fender 50's Stratocaster (Duncan Hotrails in bridge)
Fender Standard Telecaster (Fender SCN Pickups)
Marshall JCM 900 4500
Vox DA5
how come when i search for this amp to learn more about it...i cant find it anywhere?