ok so every company has its flaws..eg Ibanez selling basswood guitars for megabucks, schecter not doing anything re their thick necks..gibson being overpriced and poorly made now (allegedly). What would be your frankenstein guitar of choice?

Jackson-Dinky style 7 string mahogany with set neck
& reverse headstock/red sharkfin inlays
Ibanez-Z Trem System & wizard (mahogany tho) 27 fret neck
Dean Dimebag lightning graphic-black and red tho
Schecter Binding (red) (& price!)
PRS Mark Tremoti Pups (H S H)
Grover Tuners
A Jackson Soloist with standard Ibanez hardware and neck...
IE: An SL1 with a Wizard Prestige Neck Profile, no scarf joint, edge trem (not pro, normal edge), HSH, etc.
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Fender Strat.
I wouldn't want to change it.
Angus Young Signature Gibson with a floyd rose.
I had this big list once, of about all the customizations I wanted on a LP Standard.
Ofcourse I have them in a math spiral somewhere...
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Jackson kelly with an Ibanez ZR trem and Dimarzios.
Not too picky anymore.
Red with flame maple.
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gibson les paul custom with seymour duncan pickups. dean razorback with SD's and hardtail bridge.
white gibson explorer with a set of emgs, just screams i rock out with my **** out.
Gibson SG Standard + 18volt EMG-81 & 85
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV + Recto 2x12
Keeley Modded BD-2
Vox V847a
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Ivory Jackson RR5 with an Ibanez ZR trem, and that's it really.
Jackson DKMG & KE3, Fender Mexican Strat, Stagg Acoustic

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