this is just some stupid song i came up with, i think it sounds OK, nothing special tho...
Red Hot Chili Peppers inspired

and does this bass line come from something? i dont think so, but it sounds familiar to me for some unknwn reason...anyways..here it is

plz tell me wut u think
RHCP inspired song.zip
I like that acoustic intro bit alot, so I'd make that much longer, as its good. The bit after it does have potential, but at the minute nothing really shines through, as so much is going on at once. I'd either adjust the volumes (get the bass up as its a good line, and maybe use that as the main focus of the song) Bars 9-12 are good, as its less cluttered, but when the leads guitar comes in it sounds a bit full. I'd try and order the guitars better, and with different volumes, and use the bass and piano (bars 9-16) as the basis for the song, as both of those 2 are very good.
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Haha this was pretty cool, I like the bass. The whole thing reminded me of an FFX soundtrack.
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WOAH!!!play that at 170 bpm. damn ive had waaaaaaay too much coffee
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very magical

I liked the bassline...nice and groovy
and the lead was brilliant


should be good completed

Crit mine?
last one is the newest.
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yea i actually liked that bass line a lot. Very nice. The beginning i agree though it should be a little longer. The rest actually wasn't bad either. Good job you should really expand on it.
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I liked it a lot.

Very good bass.

Drums sound good too...

I don't know what to criticize.
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Hey that's a really nice song. As you said before, the bassline has some familiar bit, but I can`t remeber either. Althoug your leads are ok, I think your Rythm guitar its a little bit out of time, don't know, I just felt that. I would say an 7/10, Im looking forward to hear it complete.
Your bassline sounds like "Can't Stop" by RHCP in the beginning. Still good though. Make the intro longer. I like the main riff. It sounds like something I would hear in a video game. Not much to criticize really...make it longer though. Good song. 9 out of 10