so i've been looking for a new amp for quite some time, and money without a doubt is an issue. i knew what i was looking for, so i went straight to some peaveys. i tried the XXX, and it was good, but i played the 6505 and i was hooked. the jsx was alright, kinda similar to the XXX, but the 6505 blew my mind. without a doubt one of the best amps i've ever played. i knew the 6505 was a lil beyond my budget, so i gave some other amps a chance. my friend told me to try the B52 AT series, and i must say they're not half bad. i mean the 6505 pwns it, but the B52 was definately a runner up. the peavey was $1179 in GC, and the matching cab was i think $699? i can't remember and i'm too lasy to look it up now but regardless, its a pretty penny. the B52 head was i think $700 and the cab was ??????

so i have two questions. i know which amp i want. the peavey, but the B52 is a good runner up and its in my budget. what do you guys think? and also, if i didnt want to blow all my money, whats a cheaper cab i can get to hook up with the B52 or the Peavey? thanks alot

its something to contemplate.

i failed to mention before that i tried a line6 flextone III. hearing that they were much better than the spiders, i had to give it a shot. i was pretty impressed by the dual rec model. it was pretty tight. anyone not think so?
Yeah, you should probably buy a used 5150 (exact same amp, changed the name for legal reasons), I think they run maybe 6 or 700 bucks. For a cab, I would highly recommend a Genz-Benz G-Flex 2x12. It has huge, tight low end, and it's designed to sound like a 4x12, but without the size and weight; I got mine on eBay for $350 Other options would be Avatar if you're on a budget, but in general I wouldn't recommend a matching cab. Oh, and the B-52 cab is $400. What exactly is your budget?
id 2nd a 5150/genz benz 2x12 setup. ive played a genz benz el diablo thru the 2x12 and it was great. the amp was buzzy tho but the cab was a monster.
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I was checking out B-52 AT also. Alot of great reviews. But B-52 designed special speakers for there Cabinet specifically for the AT Head, Not sure what it would sound like with another head say a Marshall 1960. Can you remember which Cab you using when you played it?
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when i played the b52 i played a combo because i didnt feel like playing the full stack.
i'm gonna look into the peavey idea, but my situation is im going to pay it off monthly. i mean i really liked the 6505 and i'll probably never get another am (or not for a while) but then again i'm unsure.

my budget is whatever i want it to be, but idont wanna spend over 1600 and pay it off for 3 years or something ya know?

thanks for the posts
I think you should save more to buy the 6505. If that's the amp you fell in love with, save for it. Don't settle for less, because you'll always regret doing so.