i have purchased the m audio recording bundle whatever from guitar center, mic,interface,speakers, and program included, i need help setting it up and what do i do from there, the instructions havent helped much, please help thanks
OK, this is what the manual says, where are you up to in this:

Windows Installation
An “Installer” program is provided for Windows operating systems. The
Audiophile USB Installer greatly simplifies the work that the Windows
New Hardware Wizard has to do, and helps to ensure a trouble-free and
simplified installation.
You may also notice that a “Windows Driver Signing” dialog box will pop
up a few times during the installation, and you will be asked to press
“Continue Anyway.” This dialog box indicates that this is a relatively new
product. While we are going through the driver certification procedure
with Microsoft, we assure you that your Audiophile USB drivers are of the
highest quality, and will cause no problems in your system.
1. Insert the Drivers CD into your CD ROM drive. Locate and open the
Audiophile USB folder. Double click on the Audiophile USB Installer
program in that folder.
2. As the Installer loads the Audiophile USB drivers, a “Windows Driver
Signing” (XP and 2000 Users only) dialog box may pop up a few times
during the installation. Click,“Continue Anyway.”
3. When asked to switch “On” your Audiophile USB, do so.This will bring
up the Windows New Hardware Wizard. Click “Next” at each prompt,
and the Hardware Wizard should automatically recognize all of the
Audiophile Drivers.
NOTE: Windows 98SE users will need their Microsoft Windows 98SE
CD-ROM here.
4. The Wizard reports that Windows has finished installing the software.
Click “Finish”.Your Audiophile USB is ready for action.
After completion of the driver installation, Windows may require you to
restart Windows. If it does request a restart, remove the Drivers CD from
the CD drive and respond by clicking “Yes”. The system will restart and
your Audiophile USB is ready for play.