Alright tax season is here and Ive got a dillema. I need to buy a cab for my VJ head. The one I have just dont cut it anymore. But I also have the dillema that when I gig with my VJ I need to mic it.

As of now I have been using a friends PA system, but really need my own stuff. I have the option of either buying a cab and a PA system which will cost me about $400 or I can buy a bigger combo amp and use it as a cab when I run my VJ.

I like the second option because then I will have more tonal options as far as playing covers and such, but my only problem with this is what amp would I get?

The ones I have found are:
Pignose G40V - This one is 40 watts all tube and $320
Fender Pro Junior - This one is 15 watts all tube and $300

I have found a couple B-52 combo's used for around $350. Im not too sure what I will need wattage wise to get over drums and bass. I know I want tube. I was trying to find a Marshall combo for around the same price.

Now I have a budget of about $400. Maybe a little more depending on what kind of guitar and wah pedal I get. I need some suggestions.