My band is having a gig, and were playing Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix for one of the songs, but the problem is that I dont have a wah pedal, so I am wondering tha if I just say "wah" into the microphone with the right note and pitch it will sound just as good. Is this a good idea?
If you have a guitar with 2 pickups and 2 tone knobs you can have one on full and the other on zero and then switch between the pickups and it will sound almost like a wah.
I don't think it would work.
If there is no possible way to get a wah pedal or rent one or something, maybe just bend them, or play it with nothing?
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Unless you are really really good a mimicking(sp?), I would suggest you try something else like others have said. If you don't happen to have that 2 pickup 2 tone les paul kind of setup on your guitar, then you can always throw an assload of vibrato on the notes to get a decent effect.

The bigger question would be how in the hell you guys decided to do a song that you don't have the equipment needed to perform it. I would say if you still have time set up another practice and try to throw something else into the set list until you have a wah pedal. It will make things go a lot smoother on your part.
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Hey I just tried to play the beginning of Voodoo Child by emulating a wah using the pickup switch and the tone knobs on my strat and it worked awesome! But it only works for the first riff with the string muting

That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard. People WILL laugh at you.
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Pretty obvious what the answer is now.

I'll close this thread before more bashing.
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