does anyone know what the differences are between the mbox and m audio firewire solo? i think the mbox just has 1 extra mic input but its so much more expensive. both can be used to run pro tools right?
No, you can't use the M-Audio with Pro Tools. You shouldn't get Protools as it's proprietary and you'll end up spending way more than money than you need to. The MBox is faster, less laggy therefore, and has more inputs.

Try the Presonus Firebox for an intermediate solution.

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What the hell are you on about? have you ever used Pro Tools? Do you know anything about the mbox or any M-Audio kit? You can use the M-Audio kit in Pro Tools, its firewire so its going to be fast. I dont have any experience with the Mbox, but i have pro tools and some m-audio that i use with pro tools... It fast, doesn't lag and if you dont need the extra inputs why bother? Just think it through, are you going to be recording more than four things at once? If you are then the mbox is the way to go but if not the firewire solo will do the trick. If you ARE going to get pro tools, which is compatible with either you must buy the right version, there is Pro Tools M-Powered for M-Audio hardware, and there is Pro Tools LE for the Mbox. The quality of recording wont be any different and if i were you i would go for the cheaper one...

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i just want to record my acoustic guitar and sing. i guess i can just use the firewire solo and do it on different tracks. since theres only 1 input that means it's going to be mono right? but that doesn't really matter because it's not drums.