I was thinking of putting an Original Floyd Rose on my Explorer and am wondering...

Would the angled neck cause any problems going from am TOM to a OFR?

Are there any other complications that I haven't considered because at the moment, this is the only one that comes to mind.

umm.. routing the tremolo cavity (the big hole in the back)

and preparing the neck for a locking nut.

and that alone is a total b*tch.
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I know! It looks amazing but I'm not into the whole gothic model.

I wanna do this really bad. Routing for an Explorer I don't belive will be too bad. Sure there is wood mass loss but I will be using EMG's which in my opinion you hear more of than the wood.

Still the question remains, will the angled neck cause any problems going from a TOM to an OFR?
dont think it would, i say go for it
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i think if you can angle it or make it un-recessed, that would help with any problems, since the added height/angle might compensate for the neck angle. do a test. take a T.O.M bridge guitar and a non-recessed floyd, and compare how high they stick out from the body.

P.S: make sure that the saddles don't change position when you make the swap or you are ****ex
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I was told by someone that I may not be able to get the action high enough to be playable. Do you have any opinions or comments on this? Is there a fix to that problem?
There are similar projects in the Project Guitar forum where an LFR was added to an Epi Flying V and an OFR to an Epi Explorer Korina. It can be done obviously. You gotta take precise measurements for the depth and placement.
kalher has a flat-mount floyd rose that might be what you're looking for.
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Yeah, but I can't spend $315 on a tremolo system...

Could get links to those ProjectGuitar threads? I searched but could find none.