I recently bought a Epiphone Les Paul Ultra and while the guitar sounds good. It still seems like i'm not getting the same beautiful tone as most of the Gibsons. Of course I'm not, because it isn't one. But I was wondering can I just change my pickups and get that great Gibson sound? (By the way these are Alnico Humbuckers and while I may be kinda technical with computers I'm just now learning about guitar tech specs. So please be plain and simple if you could)
Well, I'm certain it would help, but it may have to do with the amp. Are you saying Gibsons sound better through your amp when you tried them? Or did you just play the Gibsons through better amps? Pickups don't make near as much difference as an amp, but they certainly do help.
Actually I haven't played a Gibson. All I know is a Gibson sounds really good. But anyways I'm playing on a Crate XT65R I guess thats what it is it says it below the power switch. It's a 65Watt. Would my amp also have an effect on using Taps, because my friend has a little 30 watt that can make his Spencer LP sound excellent with taps. Although his body isnt hollow like mine (if that has anything to do with it).
play a good gibson on a good amp at guitar center or sam ash before you say its good sound. its better to know by experience than to have someone tell you, because you might disagree.
Well, 1. Play a Gibson first, 2. Get a better amp. Your amp can affect tapping, because in general more gain will make each tap louder and easier to hear. But otherwise, definitely go for a new amp before pickups, then if you still feel the need to change them, by all means do. Your amp makes up the majority of your tone, and that Crate probably isn't all that good.
My amp generates a lot of fuzzy noise when I put a lot of gain on it. Like massive fuzz hum. Can this be generated from the cables I use too? They are pretty cheap. I haven't bought any high end ones because I didnt know if it would do any good.
yes better cables would definitely help, at least it worked with my amp problems. But just dont fall for that "amazing ultra gold tipped crap". it really doesnt help much and just is overpriced i think
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