well im going to do a cover of John Mayer's "in Reapir"and i wanna do my own solo insted of using his.. anyideas on where to began writing this.. i would like to make it fit ...thanks!
This is mostly for off topic things im not saying its the wrong forum just saying you'll get lots of better responses somewhere else maybe if you posted this in the Q and A forum a mod would've directed you to the right one and they might soon.
listen to the music bro if you dont know how to improvise the the song then i dont know what your doing trying to do any solo stuff right now just listen to the music right now and play a solo to what sounds good with the rest of the song
and honestly dose everyone have to be everyone elses mother on these forums i see so much trash talking and bashing of people for no reason i guess thats the main cause of the internet to just release what you would say in your head to strangers cause you know the only thing they can do back is make another post stop all the argueing chill out people
First search which key the song is.
Then check the scales (or don't if you know them)
Then start the song and when it's your turn for the solo: improvise
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im a complete n00b and don't know what key the song is in

why dyou wanna improvise if you're a n00b?

pfft, n00b.
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