I really liked this song, it's really tranquil and heartfelt, your vocals are sorta hard to hear at first but about a minute into the song it gets a lot better and I can hear you; The guitar is really nice, it goofs up a bit around 2:00 when it slides, but the little interlude/bridge/solo is really nice, fits in perfectly, you just need some light drums and a bass to fade in towards the end and I think this song would be perfect; Nothing crazy with the drums, just something light and smooth; Faces in the Clouds is a really beautiful song, great work guys!


I put up another song, another crit perhaps? ^_^

Pretty damn good. Most people who sing on this site suck ass but ur voice is really good. Cool guitar part too.
your a really good singer and gives some props to ur friend joe for the awesome guitar

could u posibly crit my song
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