i want play pop/rock and alternative rock ( coldplay,radiohead,muse,deep purple,james blunt etc.. ). please a electric guitar recommend me. between 200 $ and 600 $

That's a very broad range! For Coldplay, Deep Purple, Radiohead, etc. you're looking at a Strat really. I think the Mexican made ones might be within your price range (although personally I'd save up and get a USA made one).
Other than that maybe go for an Ibanez S series as they're pretty versatile.

You'll struggle to get anywhere near the Muse tone coz Bellamy plays a £5000 custom guitar with synth pickups and a mountain of effects.

As far as I'm aware James Blunt just plays an acoustic. Seagull make some pretty good acoustics in your price range.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
very thanks for ur help. i want fender USA but i live in Turkey. because usa fender price is over 1500 $ really high price.. i think fender squier ? how is fender squier ?

or r u recommend Epiphone Les Paul ?
I've never played one so can't really comment
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
Squier have some decent guitars despite the publicity and what some of the guys here will tell you.
I'm not sure what you're budget is compared to over here but i'm guessing not alot.

The Squier 51 is fantastic, and icredibly cheap, the Squier standard series is a decent place to begin, i'm quite partial to the Jagmaster and cyclone also. You should look into those.

Epi Les Pauls are okay, however they do feel quite chunky etc.

Try and play some yourself.
i 'll buy USA fender on internet but shiping is a problem. i'll try Fender Squier, Epi Les Pauls .. another recommend ?
Yamaha Pacifica, Ibanez S, Yamaha RGX, Fender Standard Series.
If you do look at some squiers avoid the Bullets and Affinity series.