Probably been done before, but I couldn't find it and either way I think it will be funny.

So here's mine:
One of my friends was in a DT lesson holding a hot soldering iron, and he had an itch on his nose...
This thread!!! ZOMG!! IM FUNNY.... no im not i just hate people doing that going for the cheap stuff like when a friend goes "ouch my balls hurt" and someones goes "what balls!? YEAH!! High 5?................." anyway i was at the pool and i lost my goggles and i saw some and i thought they werent mine so i threw them away, and later on it turns out they were mine and i lost them
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I like to play this game where I'll see how many times I can look at a particular chicks ass or tits until I get caught.

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Fat chicks are different. They don't count, they aren't women.

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I tried to lift a Jeep in the port side when I was 6...

Had a race with a Toyota Corolla XE for a 1/16 of a mile...
obviously the car won but on the first few feet I literally left it on the dust...
that's just a couple of days ago...
try running and jumping while standing in the opening of a door, did it only a few days a go. started bleeding like hell, and i felt quite dizzy for the next few hours
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nice thread! there are two options here, the time i was at summercamp in dublin university having a waterfight at 4 in the morning in the corridor and had gone back in to my room to fill a 2L bottle when the R.A (residential assistant) knocked on the door. not knowing it was her and presuming it was my friend mikey i opened the door and emptied the bottle over her.

the second is short and sweet. fire extingusher fight about a week later. the entire hallway was white and we had to clean it up.

oh and there was the time i drank 6 red bulls one after the other and then tried to do the can crushing thing with my head with a full can. i had a semicircular bruise on my head for ages!
this isnt a funny thing somebody did, they said it. in science class the teacher was talkin about the oesophagus being blocked and you wouldnt be able to breath, and then my friend goes "well you could still breath through your nose!" he was being serious, hes an idiot!

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