im looking for a new guitar amp but also want alot of effects now i was thinking of getting

A = marshall MG30DFX and a Zoom g2 multi effects pedal

B = spider 3 30 watt combo

what has better effects and what is a better amp?

would the zoom pedal work on a spider 3 30 watt combo ???

if u could help plz
Both are pretty poor. IMO, the spider is worse.
You'd be much better off with a Vox AD50VT or a Roland Cube.
Pedals are completely seperate units. They work with any amp. Although modellers don't handle them too well. Especially multi effects.
im still hardcore stompbox when it comes to effects... i just love chains of pedals lol ^^

what effect do you specifically need? if you just want stuff like, chorus, phaser, flanger and delay, you could just get small pedals for that...
well i want a muse like sound like really weirdly distorted

and a new metal type sound

and a good beefy distortion (metallica)

i know this sounds stupid but can u play through a head by itself because ive heard the under 75 watt spider III's dont have all the effects but does the spider III 75 watt head have all of them ??
Yes....hmm....don't get any of the things on that list. Look at the (yep, you guessed it) the Vox AD series, they have decent enough effects and lots of good modelling. Ideally you want a good tube amp and each effect as a separate unit, bu that'll set you back a bit...
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Muse use a fuzz factory, they'd set you back quite a bit.
A roland cube would do a nu-metal sound better than the spider, also included alot of built in effects, much better quality than the spider.
You can't play through the head on it's own, you need a cab.
Yeah, I have to agree. Either a Roland Cube or a Vox is the way to go.
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Get a Roland Cube 30X.
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