a few months ago i think there was this thread about soeone who killed his dog. i think he used a sword to stab it and then he was asking how to clear up all the blood and dispose of the body. I believe it may have been called "how do I clean up a lot of blood?" I searched and found nothing.

does anyone know what I'm talking about? where did the thread go?
Why would you want to look at a thread like that?
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i remember it, and im pretty sure thats what it was called too.
edit- is this it, its about a cat though.-
edit 2- here it is, didnt take too much searching to find- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=399034&page=1&highlight=killed+dog
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ive only just read it ... it came up in the first page of threads haha

p.s why are you lookin for it its a load of bull****
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