BEFORE U READ THE THREAD I HAVE TO SAY THIS: can i please, please pleeeeaaase get more then one answer this time because everytime i post a thread for help with something i only ever get 1 reply...which doesnt help....

ok, first of all, nobody tell me to post this in the "ultimate settings thread" because ive tried and waited patiently and got no reply..

well anyway i was wondering if anyone had any decent settings for the Boss Mt-2 to get the kind of sound from one or more (all if you can ) these guitarists....and i know the first 2 and bucket head are in the "ultimate settings thread" but none worked too well on the mt 2, they sounded good, but not like the artist...

Daron Malakian

Mick Thompson

James Root

Greg Tribbet

Dan Donagan


Dave Mustaine

Herman Li

all of the above would be greatly appreciated, but i dont expect anyone to have EVERY one of them so yer, but any of em will be fine....but still try to give me as many as you can

Not owning a Metal Zone myself, I can only recommend that for Dave Mustaine you cut ALL the mids, try how that sounds.
I wouldn't say that. I would say that a Metal Zone CAN'T sound like Mustaine, because his tone was Marshally- as in, crunchy mids. Something I've never heard a Metal Zone do.
ive gotten it to get a crunchy mids sound, wasnt the best but still quite good.....does anyone have settings for the other guys i listed??
Just twiddle with it to get your own sound, use both the metal zone AND your amp to get the desired tone, just keep trying and you should eventually get something out of it.

Dude just mess with it. With all the time you spend here trying to get an answer you could be messing with your gear and figuring it out for yourself. Youre not going to learn much about your stuff if you dont work for the sound you want, IMO.
You just gotta sync. your amp settings with the pedals (if you know what i mean) because its very important to tweak your amp to.