Hey all,

I have a LAney VC15 amp with a Epiphone les paul standard plus. This is more of a classic rock combo, and it sounds awesome. But lately I've been learning some metallica and I'd like to get a pedal for the metallica type tone. Now I know I would need EMGs to get it properly done. Also a rectifier would be nice. But since I don't have the money for either, I would like a pedal for around 150 euros that could give me a nice tone.

Any ideas?
Hmm.. I'm using a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion and i can get a nice metallica tone out of it. I've heard many people say you can only get dirty tones out of it but thats not true. You just have to tweak around for a while to get a good tone. Look into those.
well if ure willing to splash out a little bit, u could get a digitech metal master with a boss eq on top to rip the mids out, the only way u get a decent tallica tone is with good eq control. Although the tone u get off a pedal will never be the same as the right amp for the job and will eb replaced, the eq pedal will be useful even when u upgrade to ure rectifier.
Well, it's not so much as that I need to have the exact metallica tone, I have my own righ here and I love it. I can scoop the mids with the amp and pedal(I hope). MY metallica settings is something like 7/3/7 Sounds really good on ym old SS amp, but quality sucks on that thing.

It's just that my store has like, 100 diff metal pedals and I need to narrow it down to like 10 or something.
Don't touch the MT-2 or the Death Metal, or anything with "metal" in the name, the MT-2 in particular is utter shite, whilst the Digitech isn't what you need either. Just get yourself a decent overdrive pedal, try a few with your amp until you find the one you like best.
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Theres no need to get a "metal" pedal. Half these guys just buy an OD to boost the gain a touch on their amps natural overdrive, or vice versa,
Metal Muff is the best pedal you can get. Its not just a metal sound but like classic rock etc. plus top boost adds more to the solos