I've listened to their songs and I've got to say I've been impressed by whatever they could come up with. They can be flexible in the musical spectrum composing their own songs such as acid, jazz, punk, rock, alternative, reggae and many others. They are also masters of effects and they can actually be popular with their new albums without being too bland or too repititive.

I've got to hand it them, they've actually impressed the hell out of me..

ok fair enough thats ure opinion, i would say i disagree entirely but, theres not really any point, it wont get either of us anywhere, therefore i would put this thread down to nothing but total spam.
new album was good
but older albums were better make yourself was best IMO
seeing them live on 31st march
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It's meant to reflect Clapton's career, starts off good but then turns into a piece of shit.

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I absolutely love Incubus, however, there are 2 things wrong with this thread.

1. Statement threads aren't allowed, and
2. Wrong forum anyway.

Sorry man.

Forgot dude, this should have gone to Band Artists and Lyrics but never mind that. I've already posted it anyway..
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yea i agree incubus pwn and can write sum cool stuff but i declare spamnation.

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They are suckers

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