Way too repetative dude, but other than that good.


EDIT: Sick solo though. 8/10.
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sounds like some good stoner rock, love the main riff. the only thing i dont like is the transition into the 3rd verse. maybe you should try a different verse riff? something that flows with what comes before it. main riff, pre-solo riff, and the solo were all really good tho
To be honest, it reminds me of the music from the Lemmings game from the Megadrive, so that's good.

Maybe if it had a vocal melody (and lyrics) the repetitiveness would be broken and be perfect, but I honestly don't mind the repetition. Love the first main riff.
Man that intro reminded me of RATM. But it sounded pretty good. I loved the pre-chorus. The soolo was great tho, but the transition to verse 3 was bad. I even liked the drum and bass solos =) The slowdown outro... well, it was "ok", but I didn't exactly like it. But all in all, it was good.