I would like to have some tabs of j-rock songs specially the song of Gackt called "Last Song" does anyone know a website where I can find those stuffs? pls pm me or reply tnx in advance.
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Hey not all jrock stinks. Lots are really bad but bands like X Japan, Luna Sea, L'arc~en~ciel are awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love nonjapanese music too like
Rush and Led Zeppelin.

But anyways, here are some gackt chords including last song.

Anyone have any Puffy AmiYumi tabs?

(aside from the ones on UG)

I'm guessing most of the tabs for J-Rock songs are on Japanese tab sites, which sadly I can't really search for on Google using English Search terms.

P.S. - Did you know there's a Chinese version of UG!

My Chinese friend used a site for a tab, and when I directly entere the url to get that tab, I saw the UG homepage with Chinese letters
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I dont like other asian bands beside japanese
How about caucasian bands?
I dont know can anyone add a tab website where there are lots of jrock but in english form

All the Japanese music tab sites I've ever found are anime song tab sites
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well, tabs for Luna sea are on UG...Maybe 911tabs.com...(sorry im not linking, i'm transfering files and can't risk any uneccesary windows on this machine...also, i'm lazy..). Uhh, its not hard to find Luna sea, or X-japan tabs, they are prety popular, but Takahashi hitomi tabs, i'd like some help there!
^ when there are no tabs, use the one thing that matters. your EAR! It's a pain in the ass, but a little bit of work (depending on which songs) and you'll get them. I've figured out quite a few Nightmare, The GazettE, and Luna Sea songs already. It's not that hard, just buckle down and put in the time.
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not to be rude, but if i could tab songs myself...i wouldnt be asking for tabs....i'd have done it a long time ago...