Update: $200+shipping takes it all!

Well, I've got a guitar for sale. Frankly, I don't really know what it's worth, but it's basically sat in it's case for four years, and I'd like to get some cash for it. Same with the amp. I'm gonna put out $200+shipping for the guitar and hard case, and $125+shipping for the amp, which I think is a pretty fair deal (being about 1/2 of what I payed originally).

I know I'm a brand new member on here, but if you want to see my feedback, I have good feedback on a number of sites:


I think I have good refs, and I'll give you my phone number, e-mail address, and street address if you're interested in the items. I'd prefer to do a local sale, as that makes it easier for everyone, and neither one of us will have to worry about whether they're getting ripped off. I'm 17, and have a car most of the week, so I can get it to you if you can't drive.

PM me or post here if you're interested. Prices may be negotiable, but bottom line is you pay for shipping, and I only take PayPal and United States Postal Service Money Orders. I'm PayPal verified.

That said, on to the goods.

I'm not exactly sure what the guitar is, but I think it's an Epiphone Special Model II, and has a Sunburst pattern on it. I have more pictures of case and guitar if you want them.

The amp is a Marshall MG 30DFX. Not sure what to tell you other than that...I don't have a 1/4 inch cable, as my brother's band stole mine.
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ship to uk?
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Been 31 hours, time to bump.

Any serious cash offers will be considered, I'd really like to get rid of these.
Holy crap! Didnt think there was another pbner on here.

If you want to trade for pb stuff here is my stuff (got out of pb):

Or search under Milano for my sig on pbn.

Btw, I am in Jersey too, 07746.

Also, the epi is about 150 brand new...lower on ebay.

If you feel like downgrading, I also have a spectrum electric guitar.