Do any Fender Stratocasters not have noisy pickups? They have hum and the the 5 way always seem to get static. I have a 50 year old Dano that is quiet as a mouse the whole sysem is wrapped in copper foil even the cheap metal toggle switch is quiet during neck to bridge switching.
The pots have not touched, heck its the most use guitar in the studio.
I don't own any highend electrics and never will. The Tokai knock off is the best strat I have. The Japan Fender legal is better but it gets noisy in the pots.
Curiosty and the beast.
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any fender strat that has single coil pickups will be noisey as they are not hum cancelling. There are fender strats that come with humbuckers which produce relatively little noise. There also pickups produced by seymour duncan called the "cool rails" for vintage sort of tone and "hot rails" for high output. These are basically humbuckers designed to take the space of single coils so u can put them on your strat if you like.
yeah, upgrade to the lace sensors and it'll be the quietest guitar you own--just make sure the shielding is right--if you actually take any guitar to a competent luthier/repairer, they can shield it for you and it will be quiet.
Well it's more of a pastel black, really...

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Check out the stickies in Gear Building and Customisation forum, there's some good faq material there.
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Yes, Thanks for all the help, I make the mistake by posting in the wrong forum but I got the right info.!!!!!!!!!! I am a 25 year classical guitarist but I play all types of guitars. Most classical guitarists venture out. My master teacher Manuel Barrueco did and composed a duet album with jazz electric and another jazz great.
Thanks for all the help.