Hey guys/gals,

I have a Korean made Fender. It was playing nicely. The tuners it had sucked so I bought some grovers and put them on. The action was a little high for me so I filed the nut a little. It was playing fine. It's been cold here since late november and I filed it down about a month ago, so I don't think temp or humidity has anything to do with it, but about two weeks ago my 13th fret on the high e string started fretting out. I tried putting something on the nut and on the saddle on the bridge to compensate but it still frets out. The fret is not worn at all. It just started happening and I have been befuddled. I took all the measurements and it was right. Then I got frustrated and started just turning the truss rod crazy ways(i don't really care about this guitar that much but I'm in the army and its the only one I've got here in korea). I have ALWAYS done my own set ups and have done them well. This is frustrating me--and it's not like there is a GC or Sam Ash or a guitar tech just around the corner to take it to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys

Well it's more of a pastel black, really...

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