Hey guys,

Need a bit more help with something I am working on. I picked up a CIJ Fender Jaguar body on ebay a few months back and I am slowly putting it all back together. Right now all I have are the control plates, body and 2 pots so it is going to be a slow build. Anyway, I have a question...

I have noticed on the old american 62 jag's that they have brass plates in all of the control cavitys, something to do with grounding or sheilding??

Would I need to get hold of those for a CIJ Jaguar as it allready has sheilding paint? Or do I just send all my grounding wires to the back of a pot and out to the trem as normal? If anyone has any experiance with jag electronics and can help me out it would be much appreciated!!

Thanks guys
ped makes jaguars, he should know.
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