hello there,

in my next month salary i got to buy an electric guitar, but i cant make decision because i know nothing about any guitar.

I got about less than $450 next month. $150 from salary and $300 from bank.
I have someone to sell me his les paul standard (epiphone) for about $315.
But between ibanez and les paul which should i take?, the balance will go for distortion pedal. And self-made Amp.

what is the difference between those, what is can and what is cant?
1. can I set whammy bar on les paul?
2. which give satisfication? (looking at my budget now)
3. which sound cool?
4. Can i shred on les paul? which is better, at ibanez or les paul.
5. If i want to differentiate between ibanez of nice model (on my price range) and thats les paul, which should i take.

sorry if my words troubling you, because i am totally foreigner. But please help me in this matter. Thank you so much.
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What Ibanez? You do know they make more than one model.
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Depends what you play. If you're looking a warm sound, and play Hard Rock/Punk/Classic rock - The Les Paul is for you. If you're into metal, etc, and want to do a shit load of insane stuff with a floyrd rose - Get an Ibanez. Also, like incockgnito said - The true Edge tremolo is best compared to the ll, etc.
It sounds like this is your first guitar or something.

Go for the Ibanez!
Really depends on your playing style and your needs. I have a Les Paul and it's not for everyone. The highfret access is somewhat limited at first, you have to get used to it, playing another guitar is a breeze to hit high notes because of the stretching required on the Paul. LP's don't have a whammy bar either which I sometimes need. If you play more metal than anything else, I would recommend against a Les Paul, as an Ibanez is much more versatile, assuming of course you're talking about at least a mid-level make.

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Ibanez necks are made for shredding. Les Pauls have a much chunkier neck making shredding more difficult (unless you have monster sized hands)
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Which Give Satisfaction!?!?!?!?

just remember this:

there are more metal heads on UG than anything else. metal-heads like brands like Ibanez, Schecter, ESP, and more.

so just because ibanez is more recommened it doesnt mean get it.

and another thing? why dont you go to a music stroe and try them out, nobody does this. but its THE best way to look for a guitar..
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