I am a generally new guitarist....I know "what" pentatonic scales are but i dont no how to actually "use" them in making a solo.....could u guys maybe explain plz?
Its really pretty simple, when there is a solo you just break up the scale into licks and passages, my first solo ever was honest to god the a Pentatonic in E i just went up and down like twice, it was sooo stupid OBVIOUSLY i changed that its just really finding what licks flow with the song and the rythm
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well its kinda simple really all you do is just improvise in the scale you are playing in
yea so its jsut random? cuz my friends play liek rele fast and make them up out of no where and it actually soudns good thnx
basically, whatever chord your rhythm guitarist is playing, just make licks using the matching pentatonic scale, change scale when he changes chords and just improvise with the order you play the notes and find something you like.