Unleash зверь

Hold your breath as it will be your last
Don’t feel bad for what you have done,
What kind of beast have you created
As he feels no regret,

He will carry on his life for one more day
He will be ashamed for his manipulative ways,
Carry on your way for your not to be proud
Reside in your heaven and hide in the shroud.

Unleahing the beast on this doomed society
Maybe it will bring some sobriety
He feeds on our fighting
How do we lose this binding.

Try to get some sleep for tomorrow
You’ll be dieing the next day,
Run away from this hell
Or you’ll be regretting that you dwelled,

Believe it or not he is the same
He just doesn’t feel the shame,
Swinging in the darkness
He now finds his thoughts,

At the loss of free will
You will pay,
Are you ready to kill.
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