i have this


and want this color


should i get rid of the black paint first or just paint the white over the black and how much would that cost

and should i get a pro to do it and if so about how much would that be?

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Do it yourself! Remove all the hardware and electronics, scuff sand (to remove the gloss and create a suitable surface) with 80 - 100 grit the entire area that you're painting, look for holes, dings. gouges and fill them in with epoxy, let dry, re-sand with 200, remove the dust with a slightly wet rag, dry, shoot the primer/sealer, wait 60 minutes or so, shoot the White color (3X and watch the distance to avoid runs/drips), wait 60 minutes, shoot the White 3X again, you can do this again for a 3rd time or wait overnight, set your 1500 grit sandpaper overnight also, the following day, wetsand lightly to smoothen the color base, then shoot the clearcoat (3X), wait til its dry, shoot 3X again, wait, shoot 3X ... do this for 3 days n a row. Wait a week or so for the finish to cure/harden, install hardware and electronics, rock!

The above is a rough procedure, you should read:

Project Guitar Tutorials


ReRanch 101 - Finishing Basics

Read it 3X, then re-read 2X. No need to pay $$$ for a simple paint job. Also, stick to 1 brand/family of finishing supplies for the primer/sealer, colorcoat, and clearcoat.

Good Luck!

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Dude don't use 80 grit if possible.Unless your going down to the original sealer.If you are painting over the old paint then all you need to do is degloss the original coat.I would use 220 for this.You will save time later as 80 can leave some prety deep scratches.
Well considering that the gothic series geets are flat black. There really isnt' much gloss to paint get rid of :P

But Yeah I'd probably use 220 grit instead of 80 grit. 80 grit is really only for extreme striping, and wood shaping purposes really.

Btw Def read reranch painting tut, best tutorial on the web. Probably the most comprehensive one around.