So basically i am getting a new amp soon but i do not know whether or not i want a Vox or an Orange amp (Vox AD50VT - Orange Crush 30R). Each have their benefits, each have their downsides. I was wondering if anybody can answer these questions and help me choose an amp.

1. Is the Orange Crush compatible for an extension cabinet?
2. Are Orange amps really worth it? What do they offer for their price?
3. Do both Vox AD50VT (1 speaker) and Vox AD50VT-212 (2 speaker) have the Celestion speaker in them, or is it just one of the two?
4. Is the Vox AD50VT compatible for an extension cabinet?

P.S. - I play mostly, metal, hard rock, grunge, and classic rock. Which amp do you reccomend?

Personally Orange and Vox are my two favorite amp companies, but i play the high end all tube versions which are not suited for metal in anyway though ive never played the the solid state ones. I would recomend this saving a little longer to get a Peavey Valveking 112 it will play all the hard rock stuff much better, plus its an all tube amp
to answer question 4, yes. i have the vox ad50vt, i couldn't ask much more of an amp of that price. dunno much about the orange crush, but the vox is pretty much the ultimate 2nd stage amp... meaning 1st stage practice amp, 2nd stage louder ss or hybrid amp, 3rd stage nice tube amp..