well ive been sick for sort of a long time now, i have a sore throat, back pain and muclse pain specially in my legs, i have fever about 39c and i have runny nose, and i cough alot and my stomach feels weird , see the thing for help is that i hatee thorwing up i jus hate it its kinda like a phobia, and i love to eat but now that im sick im afraid to eat, has any1 ever had this be4?, is it a simple virus???
It says a lot about someone if they seek the advice of complete strangers on an internet forum, before going to a doctor or calling a friend round...
I'm sick too . Very good timing, I'm having test week on school so I like have to go and I also have to make stupid projects....
duhhh i aslready went to the doctor, he said " take this two pills, each day, and drink this for the cough, the problem isss, i dont feel better, jus asking if any1 had that,
and the thing is that i have midterms in like 2 days, so i cant be sick or otherwise i will fail eveything
call the nurse. it's probably just a virus, but you're not taking it easy. if you rest and drink lots of liquids (herbal tea especially) you'll be fine. but i suggest calling the doctor's office first. maybe taking some cold medicine for your throat.
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Sounds like aids. Ask a doctor, just for the fuck of it.
Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.