For a few months now I've been thinking about buying a Fender Classic series Stratocaster. Not sure yet which one, because I haven't had the change to try them out. Most likely it will the the '60s model, because the '50s has the soft V neck and I might not like it, and the '70s has the big headstock that I don't like.

On the Callaham site they say that their Vintage S Model Bridge is better than any of the bridges that Fender uses in their Strats (MIM, MIJ, MIA). Is this true? They cost $105 plus shipping. Not a bad price in my opinion.

As far as I know, the Vintage S Model Bridge should fit the Classic series. Would this upgrade be worth it?

And go ahead, discuss their other products as well.
A moderator on the site thefret.net named tremeloman swears by them and has callaham bridges on all his guitars. He says they improve his tone and everything by a lot.
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