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13 30%
Hell no.
30 68%
Voters: 44.
I was at a local guitar shop in Dallas, Tx, where I live, and I found a 1976 100w Tube Marshall, SIGNED BY JIM MARSHALL.

Price tag? 8000$!!!

I was just shocked to see such an amazing amp in a local guitar shop.

A steal if you ask me, but I have not the money. :[
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not worth $8000..... his signature wouldn't multiply the price that much. Jim Marshall used to sign every piece of gear he built back in the day.
yeah one of the shops I go into have a Marshall signed.. meh signed or no signed I would never buy it..
his signature isnt gonna make it sound any better than any other marshall....imho marshall has been kinda on a decline
$8000? Not even close. Original Plexi's rom the don't even go for that much. And Jim sings loads of stuff, doesn't boost price that much!
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It'd be a hell of a lot cheaper to go to the Marshall factory (or whatever its called)... It's not far from where I live....
I find it very funny when people think a signature significantly boosts the value of their piece of gear.
it would be fun to have, but I could do so much more with 8 gees
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Haha, there's always a few signed Marshalls in Johnny Roadhouse, the signing doesn't it make it worth that much haha.
Maybe it was used by someone famous?
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Aside from the price of the amp, the real joke is that 9 (and there will probably be more) people on this site thought it was a good deal
I voted yes.
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at my local long&mcquade, they had a marshal JCM900 signed by jim marshall for like 2200
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Itd be cool, but $8000!
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13 people voted yes so far...
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I find it very funny when people think a signature significantly boosts the value of their piece of gear.

Well it does..... if the person is dead.

Jim ain't dead.


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